In Veracruz, Mexico, the race is a tradition, and on September 15, 2023, they hosted another competition.

Taylor Swift face memes

The nineteenth melon race was organised in the Magical Neighbourhood of Xallitic, in the city of Xalapa, to commemorate the cry and Independence Day in Veracruz. The practise of remembering national holidays is distinctive. 

Bringing a dish decorated with a character, artist, meme, favourite character, or cartoon was the same as it was last year in terms of logistics. The participants demonstrated their creativity by decorating their fruit to resemble Taylor Swift, an extraterrestrial, and other things. 

How did the melon race come about?

It all began in 2004 with the plan to shoot a mockumentary that would document a race using this common fruit. The event did occur, but the audiovisual output was never made public. It grew well-known in Xalapa over time, to the point that it became customary.

On the Rafael Lucio Street side of the bridge, individuals started to post placards encouraging others to participate in the competition. Now it is a celebration that takes place in the Magical Neighbourhood of Xallitic during the national month every year. 

What does the melon race in Xalapa consist of?

The goal is obvious—to have a melon racing that is customised to your tastes. It always takes place on September 15 and is cost-free. The tournament is supposed to take place on a hill or an incline.

Melons measure 20 by 20. Owners have five seconds from the start to run alongside their fruit for 150 metres without kicking it; failing to do so results in disqualification. First-place finishers receive a variety of rewards, including meals, discounts, and promotions. 

Locally, the race is so well-known that numerous well-known businesses have agreed to sponsor it. Additionally, there is a competition named "The most handsome melon" that honours the fruit with the most creative design and rates the originality and enjoyment of the design. 

The adorned fruits will be given to the organisers as a gift after the complete performance, to be combined with a drink and served at the celebration that takes place the night of the Independence cry. 

The 2023 melon race included 200 participants. Winner of the title of "most handsome" was the person dressed as an Oxxo cashier, while the one dressed as the Cheems dog, the tenderloin that went popular online and perished this year, took second place. 

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