Sayidaty editor-in-chief Lama AlShethry met Sheikha Latifa bint Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the Zabeel Ladies Club in a welcoming setting that brought generations together. She has a personality that is more mature than her years and is guided by an internal compass that was instilled in her by her late father, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God have mercy on him.

Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum
Sheikha Latifa bint Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum at Zabeel Ladies Club in Dubai, UAE.

The "Across Generations Meeting" event, which was attended by Sheikha Latifa bint Hamdan, Minister of Community Development Hessa Buhumaid, and Assistant Undersecretary for the Social Development Sector at the Ministry of Community Development, was marked by feelings of nostalgia and loyalty.

Elderly, young people, and children were all included in the project, and those who were there emphasised the generosity between generations in heartfelt ways.

We listened to poignant arguments about how children and parents interact during the meeting, which was moderated by Dr. Maysaa Ghadir. The discussion also focused on how to maintain the spirit of parental righteousness from generation to generation amid feelings of sadness, joy, and tears.

"Madam," she said as she followed Sheikha Latifa to the publication of her first English-language book, " Through My Eyes," which was about his father, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, last year.We promised an exclusive conversation with Sheikha Latifa bint Hamdan this evening to discuss the Arabic publication of "Through My Eyes," which she chose to do in memory of her father and the magnificent man he was.

The book includes amazing details of Sheikha Latifa's unique bond with her father, may God have pity on him, in addition to Sheikh Hamdan's extensive career.

Sheikha Latifa states the following about her father, Sheikh Hamdan, may God have compassion on him: "Despite his numerous obligations and commitments, he was deeply concerned for his family. Even though he was unwell, he bore their worries and attended to everyone's health. She so constantly sought to demonstrate to him her tenacity and will, which she inherited from him. 

She adds: “My father, may God have mercy on him, was an avid reader in various fields, especially health, and during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, he would personally bring us various vitamins that support the immune system, and he would make sure to distribute them to everyone in the house, and for them to take them, and stressed We must adhere to sterilization methods to protect against the virus.”

We were captivated to Sheikha Latifa's portrayal of her early years and youth in the book as "fireworks," when she would focus her efforts on sports, school, and spending time with friends. Her primary aim was to carry out any obligations that her father thought she was capable of doing so with assurance and success.

Sheikha Latifa made a pledge to herself to be “different,” and about that she tells us: “Words are not enough, as the pledge must be documented with action and action. My sister Hessa is fond of horses, while my brother is adept at riding camels. All the roads that my brothers and I take, in one way or another, “As an extension of my father’s honorable career, I wanted to leave my mark, which was formed from beautiful qualities that I inherited from him, may God have mercy on him. I found my path in the Zabeel Ladies Club, which was founded by my mother, may God protect her. I and my hardworking team work with one hand to make the club an ideal destination that provides the best.” .

Sheikha Latifa also discussed the value of improving oneself, despite the absence of a specific future goal. Real success comes from expanding one's self and lending a hand to others. 

In reference to the Zabeel Ladies Club, she states: "My mother built this place, and today God has given me the ability to run it and work with the team to accomplish this in the best way possible, but only God knows what is coming for me."

We are fortunate to be in the company of a brilliant individual, and Sheikha Latifa has motivated us with her compassion for others. When speaking to her directly, she wants to hear compliments that are genuine, spontaneous, and unaffected by exaggeration. 

She says about this: “I learned from my father, may God have mercy on him, to express love with actions before words, and this made me more aware of what was said to me.” She added: “I was keen to show the family and fatherly side that many people may not know about my father, may God have mercy on him. His smile was always present on his face, and he addressed us with beautiful expressions of endearment. He had a distinct tradition, which he always maintained when he returned from travel, which was to open The back of the car, filled with gifts for us and for all the kids in the house to get their share of.”

We discussed her artistic endeavours, which she views as a code for her own private words, as another creative component of her professional life. She gave us an explanation for why she kept them hidden, saying: "I adore privacy and I enjoy producing digital pieces of art that portray the thoughts that are boiling in my breast. Regarding pictures, I don't mind exhibiting them and discussing the tales they depict. Sunsets, eye-catching details, and unplanned events are all things I enjoy capturing on camera.

Sheikha Latifa has a unique perspective on sport and thinks it is important for women. The real accomplishment is when women find joy in exercise and athletics. "At Zabeel Ladies Club, I paid attention to the physical therapy department, which had a high demand, particularly from older women," she recalls. I really believe that the main reason to exercise is for your health, and everyone has a different favoured sport. For instance, I like sports that involve lugging weights and doing quick workouts, whereas others could find more satisfaction in yoga.

Lastly, when we questioned Sheikha Latifa about the nature of her mother's connection with Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid, she remarked, "Respect was the basis of the relationship that brought my parents together, and respect includes many meanings."

Source: Sayidaty
[Disclaimer: This article was first appeared on Sayidaty and later translated into English]
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