The year of Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf's Golden Jubilee officially began with the first official event surrounding the festivities, as the Royal Palace in Stockholm witnessed a gala supper held by King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia for people who have made major contributions to Sweden.

King Carl Gustav's Golden Jubilee celebrations
Swedish Royal Family kicks off King Carl Gustaf's Golden Jubilee celebrations

Crown Princess Victoria, her husband Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia, as well as government officials from all Swedish counties, attended the ceremony. As a present for the king's ascension to the throne, the royal family was treated to performances by the army band as well as other musical acts.

A sumptuous 200-person dinner party

Before supper, the royals and their guests went to Queen Lovisa Ulrika's Dining Hall, where the royal family received their 200 guests before seating everyone in the White Sea Ballroom.
Jesse Somarstrom, the Chef of the Year 2022, was in charge of the menu, which offered a wide range of Swedish cuisine. During the supper, the King delivered a speech thanking those present for representing Sweden so well and for attending the event. "You represent more than simply your hometown. Sweden is represented by you. And you do an excellent job for our country " he stated.
He also encouraged them to interact with each other and make new friends and shared his excitement with the Queen about their plans to visit all 21 of Sweden's counties during the Jubilee Year, which will start next month in Södermanland.

Celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of King Carl Gustav

Carl Gustaf's Golden Jubilee
King Carl Gustaf's Golden Jubilee

Sweden's supper is only the beginning of a hectic year for the Swedish royals as they commemorate King Carl Gustaf and Sweden's 500th anniversary as a country. The annual National Day is commemorated on June 6 to commemorate King Gustav Vasa's election as King in 1623. As a result, the country marks its 500th anniversary on National Day. The celebrations will begin with the King and Queen in Strengnas and end with the rest of the royal family in Stockholm. The regular National Day meal at the Royal Palace will be substituted with a larger-than-normal banquet at the Nordic Museum to commemorate Sweden's 500th anniversary and jubilee.

The biggest celebrations for King Carl Gustav and his Golden Jubilee come in September, when the king celebrates 50 years on the throne. The ceremonies will take place on September 15 (the day he assumed the throne) and on September 16 in Stockholm. On September 15, the Te Deum Concert will take place in the Royal Chapel at Stockholm Palace. The king will also be present at the changing of the guard and hear the singer's tribute in the outer courtyard of the royal palace. A gala dinner will be held in the evening at the palace. The next day the people will see the royal family traveling through Stockholm in a carriage. Further details, including the guest list, will be announced by the Swedish Royal Palace in due course. To see the most beautiful pictures of celebrities, visit «Madam’s Instagram , and to view the celebrity videograph, visit “ Tik Tok, madam .” You can follow the latest news of the stars via “Twitter,” “ Madam, art. ”

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